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Mustard shortage: What is this miracle ingredient that could replace it?

This condiment, with a taste similar to that of mustard, would be sold in all supermarkets.

For several weeks, the jars of mustard are becoming increasingly rare on supermarket shelves. This shortage is due to a very low seed harvest, aggravated by the situation of war in ukraine.

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But this condiment is running out in French households, since there are initially more than 80% to consume daily. But panic! The perfect replacement for mustard might already exist.

The new miracle food

The miracle solution to the mustard shortage would be horseradish. Nicknamed “German mustard”, this plant is particularly cultivated for its white root which can then be transformed into a condiment. It can be used both in your daily dishes, but also in sauceto make a vinaigrette or mayonnaise.

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At the taste level, horseradish imitates with talent the marked taste of mustard, which will make it an ideal replacement. It would also have many health benefits explains Passeport Santé.

Another positive point of horseradish: it is available in big surface in the whole of France. You have to spend approx. 3€ for a 200g jar.



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