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Nestlé expands its “Kit-Kat Vegan” to fifteen European countries, including France

While the chocolate product is popular for snacks or snacks, a new milk-free version will soon be on French shelves.

“Kitkat” breaks will soon have another flavor. Faced with the success of the vegan version of the chocolate bar in Great Britain launched in early 2021, Nestlé has decided to expand its distribution to fifteen new European countries, including France, Germany, Austria, the Baltic countries, the Poland or Hungary. “We made the decision last year to manufacture the KitKat V in our factories to be able to deliver to stores as soon as possible. In view of the huge consumer response, we are very pleased to launch a significantly more ambitious brand in Europe,” said Louise Barrett, director of the confectionery technology center, in a press release. The KitKat V will also be produced in Hamburg, Germany.

The Swiss chocolate brand indicates that it is“an innovative chocolate and non-dairy alternatives, in order to offer a 100% vegan confectionery”. If milk has been replaced by rice and most of the ingredients are derived from plant-based products, Nestlé is trying to reassure its consumers: “The crunchy side of the wafer and the fondant chocolate very appreciated by the consumer have been preserved”. For this product, Nestlé also wants to reduce its carbon footprint by 18% thanks to this new formula. According to the confectionery company, this demand for vegan products comes from customers. “There is a silent food revolution underway that is changing the way people eat. We want to be at the forefront of this, championing the discovery of plant-based foods and beverages“, explained a few months ago Alexander von Maillot, head of confectionery at Nestlé.

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