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New charges brought against disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh

New fraud charges have been brought against former US attorney Alex Murdaugh.

Alex Murdaugh accumulates files against him. This week, new charges were brought against this former powerful American lawyer from South Carolina. He is accused of defrauding clients, racking up more than $8 million. He is notably prosecuted for breach of trust, reports the “New York Post”. Some of the cases date back years, with the oldest dating back to 2011.

According to several victims, he notably got his hands on money supposed to go to customers. The latter called on his services to negotiate sums that were due to them after a family tragedy or an accident. But he kept some of that money for himself. Among the stories revealed in these investigations, the “New York Post” tells that of a man who became quadriplegic and deaf after a shipwreck. While Alex Murdaugh was supposed to hand his family a check for over $300,000 in insurance, he used that sum to cover money he had already taken from other clients’ accounts. Then, when the injured man died in a nursing home, Alex Murdaugh secured an additional $89,000 settlement on behalf of his client, but deposited that check into his account without ever telling the victim’s family. .

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The murder of his wife and son

A process similar to that in the case of the former maid of the Murdaugh family, dating from 2018. This woman in their service for 20 years died in hospital after falling at her employers. No autopsy was ever performed on the body. At the time, his death was established as “accidental”. Alex Murdaugh is also accused of embezzling funds originally intended for the victim’s son.

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Alex Murdaugh’s name surfaced after his wife and son were killed in June at their hunting lodge. The murderer is still wanted and the former lawyer from a long dynasty of lawyers in the region, is himself a “person of interest” in this investigation. Two months after the death of his wife and son, he himself was shot and killed outside his home. The investigation actually revealed that he had organized his murder – from which he came out alive – by hiring someone to allow his second son to receive millions of dollars in life insurance. After this false attack, the authorities then discovered that the man was under internal investigation by his firm, which accused him of fraud. Following these revelations, the man addicted to opioids, announced his departure from the family firm. He is now imprisoned awaiting trial.



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