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New in Rouen: at P’tit Beldi, you compose your own couscous, just the way you like it!

Chaimaa, one of the two waitresses at Le P’tit Beldi restaurant in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). (©AF/76news)

Royal or vegetarian, traditional or revisited : at P’tit Beldi, everyone composes their own couscous according to their tastes. This new restaurant, which opened freshly on May 30, rue Saint-Vivien in Rouen (Seine Maritime)proposes an original concept of couscous bar. It’s the same principle as a salad bar, but with couscous.

“We had the idea for this project after a trip to Sicily where we discovered that the specialty was couscous. We were very surprised, but we thought there was something to do. Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, everyone makes couscous their own, but with us, you do it as you like it,” confide Marie and Adil Marchani, the two owners of the place.

Compose your own couscous

The principle is simple: you start by choosing your semolina (classic, whole wheat or barley “for a stronger and crunchier taste”). Then, we add three vegetables (or more, for a small supplement), with the choice between carrots, zucchini, cabbage, turnips, onions, but also more surprisingly, Brussels sprouts or even peas.

Then, if desired, you can add one or various meats (beef balls, chicken, merguez, lamb) or choose the fish. “Fish is place”, specify the managers.

Finally, it is possible to add almonds for the crunchy touch, but also raisins or candied onions. “We have a formula, which goes from 6.90 euros for veggie couscous, to 11.90 euros for a royal, for example”, explains Marie Marchani.

The couscous is tailor-made.
The couscous is tailor-made. (©AF/76news)

A couscous, all for one

The principle of the establishment is to serve couscous for everyone, without borders. Behind the kitchen, three employees with different origins: Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. A real mix of cultures, to the delight of the taste buds.

In addition to couscous, the establishment’s specialty, the restaurant offers a tajine of the day. “For the main course, we also have skewers, or a pastilla”, specify the bosses. Oriental salads to compose yourself, or bricks, with chicken, tuna or minced meat, make up the menu of starters.

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Finally, for the very hungry (and the greediest), oriental pastries are on sale to fill the stomach as it should be. Here too, Le P’tit Beldi focuses on originality and modernity, with, for example, a chocolate gazelle horn or tiramisus revisited in the oriental style. Of course, the desserts are even better when accompanied by a Mint flavored tea, homemade too.

If the dishes can be taken away (the couscous is served in a large cardboard bowl), it is also possible to order delivery, via the UberEats and Deliveroo platforms. “We can of course eat on site, on our large tables. The idea is to come and share a meal. That’s really the spirit of couscous,” conclude the managers.

Practical information :
Le P’tit Beldi
19, Rue Saint Vivien 76000 Rouen
Such. 09 84 10 66 96

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