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Newly adopted dog knows she can help back

After spending time in a shelter, Bertie was given the chance to start his life over with his new mistress Rachel. And when the latter became foster family for a whole litter of kittens, the dog immediately understood his role.

bertie is a woman Labrador who stayed at the animal shelter Battersealocated at United Kingdom. The dog with the black coat had finally found his family for life, at Rachel.

His new mistress regularly welcomes animals into her foster home. One day she meets 7 kittens barely 2 weeks old, found on the side of the road without their mother. At this age and up to 8 weeks, the little ones need a maternal presence to feed themselves and learn about life.

So when they were all well, Rachel took them under his roof to play this role.

A female dog in debt

But the woman didn’t expect help from her canine friend! bertie, 1 year old at the time, immediately approached the felines. She began to take care of them, warm them and nurture them.

Totally invested in her task, the surrogate mother, also rescued in the past, gave her time to support her owner.

In a testimony reported by Subway, Rachel Explain : ” As a former Battersea resident myself [Bertie]there is something especially touching about seeing a rescued pet now helping save other animals in need “.

@battersea We think Bertie is a great #catdaddy, don’t you? ???????? #fathersday #rescue #rescuecat ♬ Curiosity – Danilo Stankovic

Both teacher and facilitator, bertie knows very well how to take care of children, from the peak of his young age. She performs her mission brilliantly and plays an important role in the correct development of the kittens: ” Bertie not only helped the kittens grow into confident and sociable little cats, but also kept me entertained “.

Thanks to Labrador, the surviving litter was able to grow with attention. All cat brothers and sisters were balanced and were able to quickly reach their final home.

Rachel can’t help thinking that if everything went so well, it’s mainly thanks to the support of his dog: ” I was sad to see them go, but I can take comfort in knowing that Bertie and I helped give them the best start in life. she confirmed.



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