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Nightmare in the kitchen (Châtel-Guyon): an official closure of Damien and Elodie’s restaurant, in liquidation since the arrival of Philippe Etchebest?

Philippe Etchebest comes to the aid of the owners of the restaurant “Le Micmac” in Châtel-Guyon in the Puy-de-Dôme during the special night of reruns of Kitchen nightmare this Tuesday 13 December 2022 from 21.10 M6.

Philippe Etchebest to help Micmac in Cauchemar en cuisine

Damien had taken over the restaurant “Le Micmac” in May 2021 together with his wife Elodie. After an encouraging start, revenue fell and the company entered receivership in January 2022.

At the end of February, the M6 ​​teams came to help the restaurateur. Philippe Etchebest noted that the professionalism was not there and that the kitchen was not worthy of a popular restaurant specializing in pizzas, burgers and regional products.

In February 2022, the reopening of the restaurant was announced. Damien was delighted with the valuable advice from M6’s star chef, noting “ more customers since Philippe Etchebest’s arrival. » He worked with a reduced menu and fresh, seasonal produce. The section of Kitchen nightmare explains the “Micmac” situation aired on Friday, May 20, 2022 for the first time.

Micmac under judicial liquidation

Now the “Micmac” phone number is no longer valid. On the restaurant’s official website there are no details and a judgment was issued on December 6, 2022 informing of the judicial liquidation of the restaurant from 1 December 2022.

Right after this intervention in Châtel-Guyon, from 22:55, an episode of season 10 of Kitchen nightmare will be reposted with Philippe Etchebest in Saint-Estèphe, in the Dordogne, with Thierry and Amanda.



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