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No museum “Le Louvre – Le Mans”, but loans of works between Paris and Sarthe

The temporary exhibition “L’étoffe des Flamands” is on display at the Tessé Museum in Le Mans until January 2023. ©Maxime DAVOUST/Actu Le Mans

Did you know that this museum from Man’s (Sarthe) houses some works belonging to it Louvre on Paris ?

“Flemish fabric” until 29 January

Since 22 October and until 29 January 2023, the museum has for Tessed host an exhibition event: ” The fabric of the Flemlanders“.
It presents in a transversal way fashion and paint of Netherlands, in the 17th century.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with the museums in fine art of Towers and Anger. It will also be presented in these two cities, in 2023 and 2024. You can also see four paintings, including a masterpiece by Ferdinand Bol, “Portrait of a Couple Leaning on a Balustrade”, from the Louvre Collection.

A partnership that goes back … to ancient Egypt!

“The relationship is old between the museums of Le Mans and the Louvre museum, as the Egyptian gallery has benefited from significant deposits”, recalls Alice Gandin, director of museums in Le Mans.
This space opened in 2001 and was enriched in 2018 during a renovation. That same year, Le Louvre and Le Mans formalized their first partnership in two years.

This agreement was renewed on Thursday, November 3, 2022 at the Tessé Museum.

Laurence des Carsthe president and director of the Louvre museum, had made the trip to Le Mans for the occasion.

Its astonishing connection with the Sarthe

Appointed in 2021 at the head of this institution, Laurence des Cars has an astonishing connection to the Sarthe: her grandfather, Guy des Cars, was the owner of Château de Sourches in Saint-Symphorien.
This architectural gem housed part of the Louvre collections in its basements during World War II!

The director of the Louvre museum, Laurence des Cars (left), the director of the museums of Le Mans, Alice Gandin (center) and the mayor, Stéphane Le Foll, gathered for the signing of the convention on Thursday, November 3, 2022.
The director of the Louvre museum, Laurence des Cars (left), the director of the museums of Le Mans, Alice Gandin (center) and the mayor, Stéphane Le Foll, gathered for the signing of the agreement, Thursday, November 3, 2022. © Maxime DAVOUST/Actu Le Mans

Purpose of the agreement

This agreement, signed on November 3rd, aims to strengthen the cooperation between Le Mans and Le Louvre.

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An exhibition with the theme childhood is already planned for 2025. The Louvre should secure large loans to supply it.

In addition to the transfer of works, conferences and symposia will also be offered at Le Mans by curators from the Louvre. Scientific exchanges are also planned, especially to reflect on the reorganization of the Le Mans museums.

No “Louvre – Le Mans” museum

“The transformation of our museums is underway,” said the mayor, Stephane Le Foll. A project that has been delayed, but… “The time of museums is a long time, you have to accept that. »

The elected representative also reminded that in the last one municipal elections, “there was a competing list which had said it was necessary to create one” Le Mans-Louvre ” Where ” Louvre-Le Mans“. I found it very ambitious…”

If the concept took shape at lens, and further from France, Abu Dhabi, to United Arab Emirates, it will ultimately not see the light of day at Le Mans.

In 2021, Le Mans had partnered with another famous Parisian museum, viz Quai-Branly-Jacques Chirac, for an exhibition about tattooing, at the museum Jean-Claude-Boulard-Carré Plantagenet.

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