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“Not ready”, Pedri’s dire observation of Barça

FC Barcelona were knocked out of the Champions League for the second consecutive season at an early stage.

But according to Pedri, it turned out that they were not ready to compete in C1. In suffering his third 3-0 defeat in two seasons against Bayern Munich (taking his record to 11 goals conceded and 0 scored), FC Barcelona did not get much out of their last home game at the Camp Nou in the Champions League this season.

Lucid Pedri at Barça

Xavi admitted his side fell short against Bayern and partly blamed the psychological shock of being knocked out before the game. Pedri also mentioned this during his interview with Mundo Deportivobut he first confirmed the press’s assessment that it is a big failure for Barcelona.

“Obviously it’s a failure, Barca have to get out of the group and they didn’t because we didn’t deserve to continue in the Champions League. We are a very young team, with a lot of room for improvement, we made great recruits, but it was not enough to allow us to participate in C1, and that is a big disappointment.



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