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Nupes seizes the “sages” against the reform of the unemployment insurance

This is the last possible resort. The left-wing deputies gathered in the cross-cutting group Nupes have announced that they will appeal to the Constitutional Council against the bill on the a-cashier form, adopted on 17 November in the National Assembly, thanks to an agreement between the relative majority Macronist and the popularly elected LR.

Nupes believes that several articles violate the basic rights and freedoms of workers. The possibility given to the government to modulate the rules of unemployment insurance by decree (officially to adapt to the state of the labor market), and therefore without consulting the trade unions and deputies, constitutes for the left an attack on the right that collectively determines their working conditions.

Liberal members of parliament also claim that the reform “leads a major attack on the principle of fraternity by conditioning the best social protection on the involuntary loss of employment of some others. » The text allows for any abandonment of position to be equated with a resignation (without compensation therefore), while for late employees this may constitute a recourse when an employer refuses a contractual termination.

Called for by the Renaissance and hardened by the right wing, without whom the text could not have passed, the reform will also make it possible to deprive workers of benefits who twice refuse to convert their CDD or their temporary mission to CDI.

The graduation of the retained rules for the beginning of 2023 is currently being negotiated with the unions. The management must reveal the result on 21 November.



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