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Nupes submits a complaint to the Constitutional Council

Protesters carry a banner for the withdrawal of the unemployment insurance reform on October 5, 2021 in Paris – THOMAS COEX © 2019 AFP

The bill, which paves the way for a graduation of unemployment insurance according to the economic situation, was finally passed on Thursday after a vote in the Senate. The agreement reached with the right wing allowed the government to dispense with the 49.3 weapon.
But the parliamentary groups of La France insoumise, the Socialist Party, the ecologists and the democratic and republican left (communists and overseas deputies) believe in a press release that “this bill violates the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, especially for the principle of fraternity”.

This text “questions the rights of workers”

According to the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), “the possibility given to the government by decree to decide on the rules of unemployment insurance, without restrictions, and without the social partners, calls into question the right of workers to participate in the social partners. determination of their working conditions”.

That the government can modulate according to the situation “deprives the insured of the rights to which they have contributed anyway” and “makes a major attack on the fraternal principle by conditioning the best social protection of some of the unemployment insurance on the involuntary loss of employment of others,” they say left-wing members of parliament.

“Loss of Rights”

They also condemn “the loss of rights for employees on fixed-term or temporary contracts who refuse two permanent contracts”, a measure “disproportionate when the country has only 373,100 job vacancies for 6.16 million registered with Pôle emploi”. These groups are thus asking the Constitutional Council to criticize five of the law’s articles. Consultation is underway with the social partners with a view to applying graduation at the start of 2023, and the government will publish “the agreed arbitrations” on Monday.

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