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“Of course I have to pamper Poupette!” »… They must give a gift to their pet

“Of course I have to pamper Poupette!”  »… They must give a gift to their pet

Barking and purring guaranteed. This Christmas, Lille and Lutèce will not be forgotten under the tree. According to a recent survey* for Rover (network of pet sitters), 78% of dog or cat owners plan to give their pet a Christmas present.

If their four-legged friends are spoiled during the holidays, it’s because the French love it like the apple of their eye. As Séverine, who responded to our call for witnesses: “Of course I want to pamper our Poupette, because she is part of our family. Zoé also believes that her two Malinois should be pampered like all her loved ones: “Mona and Suzy have the right to their moment of happiness”, she lights.

“She wants a soft blanket and her dried duck bags”

And no question of being a rat to your dog or cat! Still, according to Rover’s survey, the average planned budget is 22 euros. So to please your doggy or your kitty, there is no need to be original. In fact, 61% of respondents plan to offer their faithful companion a toy, and 31% a special treat. Fewer are those who think of offering them care (3%), clothes (3%) or a subscription to a special pet box (2%).

“From the little candy to the excruciating toy that makes a lot of noise, I’m never short of inspiration! I generally set a budget of 10 to 15 euros for each animal. And gourmet gifts are often more sensational than battery operated toys that only make me laugh! ” says Juliet. Violette, she bets on “balls, toys made of rope, cloth or that make noise, with a treat, and everything wrapped in gift paper to be able to shred it”. For her cat Zoé, Nathalie has also planned lots of sweets: “She wants a soft blanket and the dried duck bags that she loves. As for Aurélie, she chose a perfume for dogs. Some mistresses, like Lucie, frankly do not spare the expense. Puma, her 7 and a half-month-old cat, is like a pasha at Christmas: “He is entitled to a special cat advent calendar, a ball in the tree and a Christmas present (a small boot with toy Christmas colors in it). »

“Often he already has the right to foie gras”

Sometimes even those resistant to the idea of ​​gifting their pets end up giving in as shoppers compete with ideas. “This year, when I discovered a very cute French brand that makes fabric toys that contain catnip, I admit I fell in love. Primarily to have beautiful little stuffed animals lying around my house…”, says Ophélie.

On New Year’s Eve, it will not only be the family who will be entitled to a masterful meal: the bowls will also be well filled and with selected dishes. Laurent hopes that Prosper, his amstaff, will lick his chops: “Often he already has the right to foie gras, and there I also plan to buy him a delicacy such as buffalo horns. This is quite normal for one of those people who I spend the most time with!”. Léa has also planned a gourmet menu for her cats: “I always buy good pâté. »

“She is as impatient as children!”

It remains to be seen whether the little four-legged friends will be grateful. Marie expects an enthusiastic reaction from her dog Hapy: “When we tell her that the moment is hers, she is as impatient as children! Pauline also takes part in a beautiful show every Christmas. the tree to offer another plush toy to his large collection. He knows which package is for him and sniffs it every day until delivery, when he takes his package without hesitation. He enjoys shredding the wrapping paper as much as he does walk around with the stuffed animal in his mouth before he puts it to sleep”.

Christmas is also an opportunity for fans of small animals of all kinds to care even more about animal welfare. Hence the donations that flow during this period in favor of associations. A gesture that Laurette intends to do: “I want to send several animal welfare associations a donation to improve the everyday life of abandoned pets. My dog ​​Sunday and my cat Bounty are usually spoiled with good food and care. I think we should think of all those who are not so lucky and who live in cages waiting for a caring family. Finally, the holidays will act as a trigger for some families who want to adopt a pet. Christmas, as an opportunity to expand the family…


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