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of elected officials say they are ready to welcome places of care and consumption in their territories

One hundred elected representatives signed a platform on Tuesday at the initiative of Anne Souyris, deputy mayor of Paris, so no consumer on the street. They urge the police prefect and the interior minister to follow them.

“It shouldn’t last a second longer.” In a column published in The world this Tuesday, Anne Souyris, assistant at the City Hall in Paris in charge of public health, criticizes the policies that have been successively pursued for several decades regarding drug users who consume on the streets, including crack.

The elected representatives defend a policy of support rather than a policy of repression. For her, it is necessary to consider the problem from a health angle.

The latter, as well as other elected representatives, therefore say that they are ready to “put an end to open drug scenes”, to “welcome, in our cities, departments and regions, places for care and detoxification, supervised consumption, rest per day and accommodation at night, from today”.

In particular, among the signatories of this platform we find deputies from the capital Julien Bayou and Sandrine Rousseau or the elected representatives of the Paris municipality David Belliard and Alice Coffin.

The First Deputy Mayor of Marseille Michelle Rubirola, the Municipal Council of Lille Jérémie Crépel and the Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg Alexandre Feltz also signed the text.

“Crack will not disappear from our world”

For these elected officials, it is imperative to take responsibility for users and, in Paris, to stop moving the problem. “Scaring away hundreds of users cannot be a solution. Once again the inhabitants of north-east Paris, of which many of us are a part, will find one collapsed in front of their door, another in a building hall, the third on a stairs on the way to the metro”, we can read in the gallery.

They draw on the examples of European cities that have contained the problem by treating it as a public health issue and call on the interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, as well as the Paris police chief, Laurent Nunez, to follow suit, while a new “crack plan” is due to be presented soon.

“No offense to Mr. Darmanin, crack, no more than other drugs, will not disappear from our world. But the social insecurity, violence and distress that comes with it can,” says Anne Souyris.



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