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Olive oil, oregano, wine… the Sicilian exhibitors ready to taste their specialties at Miam

In the center of Alès, the products arrived directly from Sicily and Italy.

Giuseppe Castronovo, his brother Dominique and his partner, Marianna Lobue, installed since 2014 under the halls of the center of Alès, offer on their stall the products that arrived directly from Sicily and Italy.

From this Monday, they will set up their sales premises in the Méjannes-les-Alès exhibition center for the new edition of Miam, scheduled from November 19 to 22.

The taste of Sicily and the music of Italy

“We have been regulars at this gastronomy fair since 2018. We have been asking for a while for Sicily to be the guest of honor at the event. For us, it is perfect. We asked friends from Sicily to join us to present their products. For example we brought a friend from Serradifalco, the village we come from (as well as many Alesian and Grand-Qumanne families who came to work in the mines, editor’s note) to present the olive oil derived from its production. He will also bring oregano. Another will arrive with typical Sicilian wines and the last will prepare antipasti based on artichokes, onions or olives.”

For professionals, Miam is an important event. The stalls in the halls are ready: “It is a very interesting showcase to discover new products. We expect to see a lot of people. We have prepared the arancini accordingly (breaded rice balls with different flavors). We will present local specialties: the Sicilian black pig, pecorino (sheep’s cheese ), plain or with pepper, more or less aged. For dessert, cannoli is a must. Otherwise, there will also be artisan panettone with pistachio, almonds or chocolate.”

From this Monday, Giuseppe will prepare the stand located on a large plot in the middle of the exhibition hall. “We can taste our boards on the spot, all in a typical Italian musical atmosphere.”



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