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On sick leave, she brings her dog to a dog trainer: the health insurance requires more than 9,000 euros

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Karine Carry has been off work for over a year. During her day off, this daycare worker brought her dog to training workshops on several occasions. Caiise’s primary health insurance condemns “abnormalities” in behavior and demands more than 9,300 euros.

This is a letter from Den Primære Sygekasse (CPAM), which Karine Carry will not forget. In a letter sent last October, the organization actually accuses this resident of Montholier (Jura) of unauthorized activities while she was on sick leave. The health insurance requires a total of 9,367 euros.

According to our colleagues from Progress, Karine Carry, who is a daycare worker, was injured a little over a year ago while holding a child: “My thumb twisted: rupture of the partial ligament”, explains the person concerned. His attending physician called him sick in October 2021 without leave. The following month, Karine Carry asks her doctor to approve her outings at certain times: “The insured must be present at his home between 9 am and 11 am and between 2 pm and 4 pm”, state the nursing staff’s notes. The work stoppage is finally extended, without the slightest time limit.

“15 abnormalities” of behavior

At his stop, the person in question takes care of himself, and in particular takes his dog several times to the training workshop. But the case of Karine Carry is of close interest to CPAM. Members of the organization monitor the person in question’s movements: “They were at the training site,” testifies the mother’s assistant. According to our colleagues, Sygesikringen finds a total of “15 anomalies” in behavior that accuse the person in question of having moved to an unauthorized place. Karine Carry thought she was right when her doctor had approved her excursions.

“CPAM is in its right, says Me Corinne Leclerc, a lawyer interviewed by our colleagues in another step. Authorized excursions without time limits do not mean that we are completely ‘free'”. The lawyer also explains that the doctor should have listed the reasons why Karine Carry was allowed to go out, in particular by invoking legitimate medical reasons.

Me Corinne Leclerc also explains that the daycare worker was always subject to mandatory stay-at-home periods and that she should have taken her dog to these training workshops outside of these periods.



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