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On your pages, get ready, read! With Karsten Dusse, Cyril Nghiem, Paul Cleave, Anthony Lee or even Fifou and his archives

There are times in life when you have to make choices. Essential. For either as for others. Being a lawyer in the dark world of the mafia does not change anything. This thoughtful, funny and explosive thriller, the first volume in Born Diemel’s adventures, was a true publishing phenomenon in Germany, where it remained at the top of Spiegel’s bestseller list for more than a year. Soon adapted by Netflix, it gave birth to a new genre that mixed crime and well-being. In search of a certain inner peace that contrasts with some kind of external carnage…

Winner of the 2022 edition of the unpublished thriller prize, Cyril Nghiem succeeded with this first novel, a page turner that works very well. In a nutshell: When a woman she knows is murdered in her New York neighborhood, Michelle Bennett sees her life turned upside down. She quickly suspects her companion. Could this seemingly perfect man be a murderer? She decides to hire Tom Shapley, an inexperienced private investigator. From then on, a troubling crossover takes place. Between tension, obsession and manipulation, Cyril Nghiem abuses his heroine’s nerves while toying with the reader’s.

Created by Novice editions in collaboration with Espaces Culturels Leclerc, Franciscaines of Deauville and Edith & Nous, the unpublished thriller prize

gives a second chance to all authors who have not yet found a publisher

You’ll be hard-pressed to do anything else once Paul Cleave’s novel is in your hands. And in your head, above all… It will impose itself as a small fixation or even a small obsession. The theme of the lost child is a huge classic; his treatment in this case is hyper-effective.

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[..] France Inter listeners may have heard Nicolas Demorand’s “80 seconds” devoted to Anthony Lee’s novel about a month ago. “Bulls, cops, hitmen, drugs and cashyou can read this novel as a real thriller, I just can’t explain why it upset me” explained the co-host of the morning show. This book, published by Sonatine editions, is reminiscent of the great hours of James Ellroy or Martin Scorsese, and evokes with unprecedented power the dark side of the American dream.Extremely effectively he dissects the strength of “the family” which you have to admit once you’ve entered it… In a few words:Martin Quinn, survivor of a heroin deal gone wrong that ended in a shootout. Arrested by the FBI, put in solitary confinement, he no longer has a choice: if he wants to save his skin, he must reveal names. And in the mafia, confessing is like living your last moment: you see your whole life pass before your eyes


Fabrice Fournier, alias Fifou, alone represents a large part of the history of French rap. He has just published Archives with Clique Éditions, a beautiful 550-page book covering the 20 years he shaped the image of hip-hop in France. Self-taught, he first became involved as an illustrator and graphic designer, fueled by his education at the Olivier de Serre school. Then he tries his hand at photography. Since then he has collaborated with… everyone: PNL, Jul, Aya Nakamura, Booba, Lacrim, Doc Gyneco, La Fouine, Rohff, Sofiane, Gims, Soprano, SCH…

One day/one book there will be something for everyoneWhat does this “archive” represent? A retro? Some kind of performance? The sum of an amazing adventure? “

A bit of all three (laughs). For 20 years I have been in a kind of work frenzy, always looking ahead and never taking the time to take stock of everything I had on my hard drives. Psychologically, when I celebrated my 20th birthday the year I turned 40, I thought it was pretty cool. My first wish was to reproduce the last 20 years of French rap in pictures…”

Julien Dodon



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