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one of the victims’ lawyers does not want to put his hand in his pocket

Gérard Chemla, the lawyer who represents the most civil parties (140 clients) in the trial of the attacks of November 13, is not concerned by the decision of the Council of the Order of Lawyers of Paris to help with the remuneration of defense. His alibi? It depends on the bar of Reims!

Under the impetus of President Olivier Cousi, who died at the beginning of March, an exceptional system was created this summer: between 5 and 10% of the sums collected by the lawyers for the civil parties will be donated to their colleagues in the defence. A unique decision of its kind to overcome the significant disparities in remuneration. Paid by legal aid via a lump sum paid by the State, the lawyers for the civil parties receive up to 272 euros per day and per client. On the other hand, the defendants often have several lawyers, and the latter must share this assistance.

Former LREM candidate in Reims

Asked by Marianne, Gérard Chemla, also a lawyer for the National Federation of Victims of Collective Attacks and Accidents, whose firm will win with the trial of November 13 approximately two million euros, pleads good faith and does not consider itself concerned by the decision of the Paris Bar. Could he not get his hands on the portfolio in order to participate, on an individual basis, in the remuneration of his colleagues? ” Fiscally it is not possible. The defense would have had to charge me a fee “, he defends himself. At the Parisian order, it is estimated that it ” this would certainly be a not very orthodox arrangement but which could be done “. It is true that the former unsuccessful candidate invested by En Marche in the municipal elections of Reims could have paid a percentage equivalent to his score in the elections, ie 3.2%!



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