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Oreo: this hypertoxic product to blacken cookies creates a huge scandal


If you like sweet dishes and chocolate dishes, you must know Oreo cookies. Indeed they are appreciated by young and old for a snack. Well, know that the brand belonging to the Mondelez group is designated. Worse is that the company is in one real scandal. We explain to you what is going on. Pay attention to your next food purchases…

Oreo: a toxic substance to blacken the biscuit…


Oreo cookies are small, delicious, crunchy, fudgy and just plain crunchy! They are also very black and they are recognizable in the biscuit market thanks to this colour. What does this color look like? What substance is hiding there? This is precisely why the scandal broke out. But this dispute is not new. The Dutch newspaper Noordhollands Dagblad stated that the company is in a legal battle for years.

For information, Oreo cookies are made in the Dutch cocoa factory Olam. The latter is located in Koog-sur-le-Zaan in North Holland.

Oreo, something of an institution


The Oreo cookie is one real institution across the Atlantic. In comparison, it is as if it were Petit-Beurre in France or Speculoos in Belgium. However, there is a legend about the name Oreo, which says that the term would be French. But in reality the hypothesis is different. It would be a mix. The first two letters would mean the term “or”, but the “re” would come from the English term “cream” and the “o” at the end of the word means “chocolate”. One thing is certain, this name does not go unnoticed on supermarket shelves.

The Oreo product has another connection with France. In fact, it was designed in honor of the 14th of July holiday with the colors of the tricolor flag.

Environmentalists sound the alarm


Apart from Oreo’s history, it is primarily its composition that interests us. And she was highlighted by environmental activists and residents living near the factory. Indeed, the latter have indicated for years that the bad smells bother them and worry them, especially because of the ammonia used by the plant.

The concern is that this chemical is used to cook cocoa beans. But not only… the factory also uses ammonia to make and darken Oreo cookies…and also in large quantities…” There is no or very little ammonia left in the final product. Its use is listed as a food additive in the technical information for each ingredient »said Olam’s director, Eric Nederhand, to defend himself.


You can also check that by reading the review “ammonium carbonate” on Oreo cookie sheet. The people who raised the alarm explained that “ the ammonia seeps into every nook and cranny, the stench is overwhelming. The environment ? This does not interest the company’s managers. They care about dark cocoa powder and what they get out of it.” We will keep you informed of the consequences of this horrific affair. In the meantime, it might be time to switch cakes for you and your kids…




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