Othman Benjelloun’s RMA plans to acquire nearly 20% of Tenor Finances

Credit: David Rodrigues / Le Desk. Mounting: The desk

Royale Marocaine d’Assurance (RMA) plans to acquire 19.99% of shares in Tenor Finances, learns The desk. The operation has just been submitted to the Competition Council on November 15, states the body led by Ahmed Rahhou.

RMA, an insurance and reinsurance company owned by the Benjelloun-Meziane holding company, thus entered the capital of another insurance specialist’s holding company, Farid Bensaid, head of the Tenor Group. He is also the majority shareholder in the insurance broker, AFMA, precisely through Tenor Finances, which owns 39.4% of the shares and Tenor Group, which owns 5.5% of the shares, according to information provided to the Casablanca stock exchange. .

In terms of representation for the sector, Farid Bensaid also serves as President of the National Federation of Insurance Brokers and Agents (FNACAM).

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