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Pascal Garbarini, former lawyer for Yvan Colonna, indicted for “criminal association”

The Corsican lawyer is suspected of having played a role other than that of a lawyer in the case of the “Petit bar”, a Corsican organized crime group.

The Corsican criminal Pascal Garbarini has been indicted and placed under judicial supervision by the head of a “criminal association”, learned this Wednesday from the Marseille prosecutor’s office, confirming information from the World. He is suspected of having exceeded his role as a lawyer with the Gang du Petit bar, an organized crime group that has been raging in Corsica since the beginning of the 2000s.

Me Pascal Garbarini was also placed under the status of assisted witness for “money laundering”, specifies the prosecutor of Marseille, Dominique Laurens. According to our colleagues from Worldhe had been placed in police custody on May 12 at the research section of the Corsican gendarmerie, before coming out free after about ten hours.

Another lawyer already indicted

Investigators suspect him of not sticking to his role as a lawyer, and of having been complicit in some of the abuses of his clients, the members of the Small Bar Gang. In question, reports The world: suspicious money movements of several tens of millions of euros to Luxembourg, Malta and Hong Kong. Justice would think that these funds come from the criminal activities of the band in question.

He is not the first lawyer to be implicated in a case linked to the group: last year, Me Angélique Peretti, also a Corsican lawyer, was indicted for “complicity” in the context of a case of money laundering.

Former lawyer of the recently killed independence activist Yvan Colonna, Me Pascal Garbarini is himself particularly known for his nationalist commitment in Corsica. According to our colleagues, his lawyers will request a cancellation of his indictment.



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