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Perpignan City Council: the installation of “halal restaurants” rue de la Cloche-d’Or ruffles the hair of Louis Aliot and the opposition

During the municipal council of this Wednesday, June 22, Louis Aliot returned to the takeover of the eleven empty businesses on rue de la Cloche d’Or. He ensures, among other things, that the buyers are companies specializing in halal catering. And rebels.

The future of the eleven empty shops on rue de la Cloche d’Or will not have taken long to come to the table of the municipal council this Wednesday, June 22.

Within the Perpignan assembly, the mayor RN Louis Aliot initiated the subject before starting the agenda. For the record, revealed the day before that the eleven businesses that had been purchased by the entrepreneur Abi-Nader Chukri in October 2020 in order to create a gourmet artery were sold. The buyer would be a group of investors, represented by a spokesperson. “This is quite a serious matter.announcement, solemn, Louis Aliot, our services have received a declaration of intent to alienate (DIA) concerning these famous eleven businesses. We received the seller owner this morning who confirmed our fears. He plans to sell to companies that have in common to do halal catering“.

The first magistrate also ensures that companies “very rich and owned by overseas investment funds“, would buy back these eleven businesses for “1.35 million euros in total“. Louis Aliot mentions having had confirmation of the role of a Perpignan influencer in the affair, he does not directly designate Nasdass whose name comes up very often on this subject, which would be “to ensure the promotion, to make product placements, of these establishments“.

“It also raises a question of global identity”

Mayor RN insists that this plan for halal restaurants is in “total opposition to our project for the heart of the city which is to make it a quality commercial lung. And it also raises a question of global identity“.

Two proposals are submitted to the municipal council: buy back the business or pre-empt them. On behalf of the LR opposition, Pierre Parrat pleads for preemption ensuring “that given the state of the shops, it won’t cost you a lot. And, whatever the cost, you must act. We share your concerns and we will, in this regard, be totally in line with the mayor’s decision.“.

The subject ends with unanimous applause. The mayor, however, did not specify his choice. He keeps the possibility of sounding out local residents and traders on a subject that has not finished inflaming the debates.

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