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Philippe Etchebest almost died while making fish soup… This injury could have been fatal for him

Knives with sharp blades, pots filled with boiling liquids, burning flames… The kitchen is full of dangers. Restaurant owners and their staff often pay the price. It is not uncommon for them to burn or cut themselves in the heat of the moment. Gala discovers an anecdote that Philippe Etchebest entrusted to the influencers Tibo InShape and Juju Fitcats in a video shared on his page Youtube.

The influencer begins by asking: Have you ever hurt yourself in the kitchen? Or burned? Or cut? “. Hélène Darroze’s sidekick, sharpening a knife, then replies: ” Yes, very strong even, especially burnt “. He then reports a kitchen accident that could have cost him his life.

The event took place several years ago. The member of Top chef Explain : ” I made fish soup. And while I was cleaning the fish, I was not mistaken and I was bitten by a live one “. Philippe Etchebest is not worried about this damage, which he considers quite benign. However, its development becomes critical: “ HAVEAfter a week I was really not well. I come back to the kitchen, the chef looks at me, I had such eyes. He thought I had been partying all night and he said to me:“Isn’t that okay?“. I tell him: “No, no it’s not okay, I’m not feeling well” “.

Philippe Etchebest reveals the cause of his condition to his superior: ” And then I show him my arm. I had a chain of ganglia down my arm, with a lump underneath “.

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A poisoning

The chef for whom Philippe Etchebest works measures gravity. He prefers not to take any risks and sends him straight to the emergency room: “There he looked at me and he said to me: ‘You need to go to the hospital quickly!’ “. A more than wise decision. Philippe Etchebest is far from suspecting that this stab has very serious consequences for him. Arriving at the emergency room, he discovered the danger he was exposed to: ” In fact, I got blood poisoning “. He is being taken care of and treated for this serious health problem which could have been fatal for him.



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