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Philippe Etchebest in turn will spend a nightmare in the kitchen, ex-candidates file a complaint


Who is Philippe Etchebest?

Chef Philippe Etchebest combines the merits. He was best worker in France in 2000. He became a TV host in 2011 when Nightmare in the Kitchen was launched. Adapted from Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. In this show, chef Gordon Ramsay comes to the aid of restaurateurs in complicated situations. The concept of a kitchen nightmare is therefore exactly the same. Which is why Philippe Etchebest is very often compared to the famous British chef. After the launch of the show in 2012, he received the title of Knight of the National Order of Merit, for “the influence he gives to Aquitaine and to French cuisine in the broad sense”. In 2014, the chef became a host, presenting the Top Chef objective. The purpose of the show is to find potential participants for Top Chef, of which he is a part. Indeed, Philippe Etchebest is the jury of the show. Last year he opened a restaurant in Bordeaux, Maison Nouvelle, and this year obtained his first star.

Nightmare in the kitchen and after the chef’s show

The chef’s outspokenness is not new, it has even become his signature. What would Philippe Etchebest be without his honesty. The goal of this outspokenness is to make restaurateurs realize the facts, even if it means upsetting them, so that they react and improve things. In June 2020, an issue of the show aired. In it, the chef travels to Sénas, a town in the Bouches-du-Rhône. The chef came to the aid of three sisters: Mélanie, Mylène and Séverine. The show is running its course and the chef is still showing his incredible honesty as usual. But lo and behold, the real sister problem begins after the show airs.

Mélanie reveals to Télé-Loisir what it is about her situation two years later. The young woman denounces having had to file a complaint because of the show. Indeed, the episode has already been broadcast 3 times, something aggravating their case. Every time the episode with Philippe Etchebest airs, the girls get waves of hate. Attacking their restaurant, their kitchen and their physical person. She says, “Two years later, we are still open, with quite a few passages. There are still jealous people who leave us bad reviews on Google or TripAdvisor, saying that it’s inedible, disgusting, and that we should be ashamed of having done Kitchen nightmare, when they never came to eat there…” adding “We are even criticized on our physique. These are fake accounts. We notice it by clicking on the profile, often there is only one subscriber…”. In agreement with her sisters, she declares “I know what I’m doing, all the good will that I put into it… We only have fresh products. I have nothing to reproach myself for, even if I admit to you that we had not anticipated all these negative remarks by participating in the show. “.

Source: Pexel

“to jump off a bridge”

The hatred continuing to stir up with the annual broadcasts of their episode, Mélanie sees no other choice but to file a complaint, in vain. But Internet users go so far as to encourage them to modify their physique through surgery and even to kill themselves. Of course the young women did not think that by trying to save their restaurant they would be treated like this for the next two years. She knew full well that filing a complaint wouldn’t help much. As for chef Philippe Etchebest, they offered him to come back to the restaurant, but no news from him until now.


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