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Pilou, José and Simon’s dog who barked inopportunely, was educated: “Whatever the stimuli, he no longer reacts”

The octogenarians went to a dog club every week to pick up their dog

The Liège court of first instance continued to examine the case of Pilou, this small dog belonging to Josée and Simon, 83 and 87, residents of Flémalle who had their animal withdrawn because it allegedly upset the neighborhood by barking inopportunely. As a reminder, the justice of the peace of Grace-Hollogne had decided the removal of Pilou, a small bichon. Pilou’s owners have had several dogs, but according to a 95-year-old neighbor and her son, Pilou does not stop barking when they are in their garden and on their property. A state of affairs which was noted by the justice of the peace. On October 24, 2017, the Flémallois adopted Pilou from an association. According to Josée and Simon, their little dog only barks when provoked. According to the neighbor and his mother, the animal would be aggressive and bark constantly when he is not held in the arms of his masters.




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