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PSG: La Liga requests “the repeal of Kylian Mbappé’s contract” announces his lawyer Juan Branco

The Spanish Football League (Liga) wants to request “the abrogation of the contract of (Kylian) Mbappé” and intends to sue Paris Saint-Germain even before the European authorities, assured Friday June 17 his lawyer in France, Juan Branco.

“The Entry Point” procedures “graduated” targeting PSG is “the legality of Mbappé’s contract”explained the lawyer during a press conference: “The LFP should never have validated this contract. The DNCG (…) should have noted PSG’s breach of the rules of financial fair play at national but also European level”.

Me Branco intends to ask “the abrogation of Mbappé’s contract with the Minister of Sports”then optionally file a “recourse to the LFP to contact the DNCG (National Directorate of Control and Management) for an opportunity control” PSG accounts.

ud83dudcac Juan Branco, lawyer for La Liga in the complaint against PSG: “We are going to request the repeal of the homologation of Mbappé’s contract from the Minister of Sports.”

– RMC Sport (@RMCsport) June 17, 2022

Finally, if the previous steps do not succeed, he assured that he wanted to act before the administrative court of Paris. If these national remedies do not produce results, the lawyer assured that he would intervene at European level to “ask the European Commission to ask it to intervene to harmonize the regulations”or even trigger “a formal procedure then for abuse of a dominant position” and finally, at the end of the process, attack before the European Court of Justice.

“It is clear to everyone that PSG are acting outside the rules, including through fraudulent maneuvers”estimated the lawyer, recalling that La Liga had also attacked in front of UEFA Manchester City, another European club owned by a state, the United Arab Emirates, when PSG is owned by Qatar.

He explained that what motivated these lawsuits was La Liga’s desire to “redefining the rules for a more virtuous ecosystem”.

La Liga blames PSG for“continually breaching current Financial Fair Play regulations” established by UEFA and to unbalance sporting and economic competition.

La Liga boss Javier Tebas is one of the most vocal critics of state-backed clubs.

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