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Ressons-sur-Matz. “He thought he was doing their good, but it was the opposite”: around fifty dogs seized by the SPA

These dogs are part of a pack seized from an individual in isolation near Ressons-sur-Matz (Oise). They can now be adopted from the SPA refuge in Compiègne. – Photo: Collage / SPA Compiègne – Facebook.

He thought he was doing them good, but it was the opposite.“When the Compiègne SPA officials visited a resident in a village near Ressons-sur-Matz, north of Compiègne, in mid-June, they realized that they were at a person suffering from an illness and isolated. But because of the living conditions and the degraded health of the animals, the SPA seized 55 dogs, out of the sixty present, supported by the gendarmerie and agents from the departmental directorate for the protection of persons (DDPP ). According The Parisian, sheep were also on site. Their condition was deemed good enough that they were eventually left in the care of their owner.

Open for adoption

As for the dogs,They were placed in different centers and we kept about twenty“, indicates Christelle Varlet, of the SPA of Compiègne. “They have since gained weight and are in better health. We have been offering them for adoption since this Saturday, June 25th.»

But for all those who would like to win a faithful companion, it will be necessary to be very careful: the dogs in question, despite their young age, have been durably marked by their life in Ressons-sur-Matz. “These are dogs that are used to living in packs.», specifies Christelle Varlet. “They cannot therefore live alone, but already in the presence of another dog. They don’t know the leash either. There will therefore be a lot of educational work to be done.»



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