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Revue du Barreau: showtime with Lyon lawyers

Under the leadership of Mes Anne Bolland-Blanchard and Pierre-Jean Ferry, the Revue du Barreau returns to the stage three years after its last show. A change of scenery this year since the three performances scheduled from July 6 to 8 will take place in Salle 3000 at the Cité Internationale in Lyon. The previous edition took place at the Théâtre des Célestins.

“This new edition is part of a continuity and a know-how that we have been passed on. It’s a colossal job that requires intense preparation. The state of mind and the will remain unchanged” testifies Pierre -Jean Ferry, who alongside Anne Bolland-Blanchard, leads this show whose theme is evocative: “Freedom is slipping away”.

A theme dear to the Bar of Lyon, which has always defended individual freedoms, and whose echo will necessarily resonate stronger after these last two years marked by confinements and deep crises that the world of justice has experienced.

Among the indiscretions collected: if the texts remain as well worked, on a humorous background, sometimes grating (but never disrespectful), a larger place is given to the music. An orchestra of four musicians will be present on stage and the troupe has secured the services of a vocal coach in the person of Stéphane White, singer and musician from Lyon.

“We are always keen to deal with the dysfunctions of our jurisdictions in our own way, all the more so with a fellow Minister of Justice! And we do not forget our local elected officials. These are huge playgrounds that allow us to were well inspired during the writing which took place mainly during the Covid period” adds Anne Bolland-Blanchard.

“Behind its lightness of tone, the show broadcasts a deeper message: the lawyer is the champion of freedom and brotherhood. In this we consider ourselves legitimate to talk about freedoms. But it is above all a pleasure to meet again after two troubled years” completes Pierre-Jean Ferry.

Both are also delighted to have been able to mobilize so many lawyers to prepare this new edition. “We had to refuse people and it was heartbreaking as we were able to marvel at the talents expressed” specifies Pierre-Jean Ferry.

Since April 19, the ticket office has been open online (on the site: and will finance part of the budget necessary for production artistic, supplemented by sponsorship.



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