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Roche Freedman Removed As Lead Counsel In Tether/Bitfinex Lawsuit, Binance Pool Launches $500M Fund For Loans To Bitcoin Miners

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Legal news

  • A US judge ordered this law firm Roche Freeman resign as lead counsel in class action lawsuit against stablecoin issuer USDT Attached and its sister company, the BitfinexComment swap. Bloomberg reported that the judge fired the firm following August leaks involving the firm’s founding partner and crypto attorney Kyle Roche bragging about the firm’s alleged relationship with the crypto startup. Ava Laboratories. “We are pleased with the Court’s thorough and well-reasoned decision to remove Roche Freedman LLP as acting class counsel,” Tether said today.

Exchange news

  • Binance Swimming pool launched a $500 million fund to provide loans to struggling Bitcoin (BTC) miners amid the market downturn, as well as digital infrastructure providers. According to the announcement, this project was designed to provide secured debt financing services to public and private top-tier mining and digital asset infrastructure companies globally. Binance Pool also intends to launch cloud mining products, he added.
  • Crypto exchange kraken hired on Gemini former UK stock exchange chief Blair Halliday to lead its UK operations as its new chief executive. Halliday will focus on expanding Kraken’s reach in this vital region.

Regulatory News

  • crypto wallet provider would stop providing services to Russian nationals following the latest European Union sanctions. According to RBC, the company informed its users that it would close the accounts in two weeks and told them to withdraw their funds until October 27.

Bitcoin News

  • ZEBEDEE, a next-generation FinTech and payment processor for the gaming industry, today announced a new initiative that brings open-source code and products to the Bitcoin Lightning space, according to a press release. The new nonprofit NBD (No Big Deal) initiative has already resulted in several products and code repositories, they added. “NBD does not sell anything, it does not offer services, it does not support products. He just writes code and gives it to the world to do with what they want,” said Andre Neves, co-founder and CTO of ZEBEDEE.

Investment News

  • Web3 infrastructure company Moon Pay and the AAX Exchange announced its partnership to allow users to buy crypto in their wallet without leaving the exchange. Through a press release shared with Cryptonews.comAAX users will be able to purchase crypto using debit and credit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more, directly on the exchange.
  • The US-based company Celo Foundation, the team behind the Celo platform, announced the launch of its “2% for Web3 Impact” pledge at the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) Investor Forum in The Hague. It aims to bring $20 billion in impact investing funds to Web3 by 2025, and the engagement kicks off by actively helping onboard more than 100 impact investors to Web3 and make their first investment in the “space or to provide liquidity, for example, to impact loan protocols,” the statement said.
  • Borrowing/lending protocol Protocol of interest officially joined the Chain link BUILD Program. BUILD helps enable Interest Protocol to accelerate adoption of their protocol on Ethereum with enhanced Chainlink support while the team provides network fees and other benefits to the Chainlink ecosystem, the press release states. .
  • Trading and investment platform Centurion Invest announced a strategic partnership with Muhsin Bayrak, a billionaire real estate tycoon, and through his holding company and investment group, will soon operate a crypto exchange in the region. The platform said it acquired a majority stake in AB Stocksa regulated Turkish stock exchange which is part of the AB Holding Group. This partnership will provide a new innovation fund of $40 million for a technology project in Bodrum aimed at extending Centurion Invest to this region which is seeing an increase in interest in crypto, he said.

Web3 News

  • Eco-friendly, open-source, non-custodial crypto wallet Earth Wallet and community of private members People I trust say they are leveraging Web3 regenerative technology to present an NFT auction and tree planting ceremony in London for the 2022 Climate Change Forum. According to a press release, the auction will take place on October 18eand a tree planting ceremony will follow on October 20e in the House of Lords, allowing members and guests to begin planting NFTrees.

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