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Saint Etienne. La Fleur au fusil, Benjamin Gagnaire’s new environmentally responsible restaurant

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La Fleur au fusil is the name of the new restaurant that Benjamin Gagnaire opened on January 9 at 7, rue Camille-Collard, on the corner of rue Saint-Jean. A name that evokes at once his gunsmith grandfather, his “flaming passion” for cooking and his taste for plants, especially flowers.

After Le Solar, the restaurant at La Comète, which he had to close last summer, too limited by the constraints of the place, the young chef who started as second chef in the restaurants of Cité du Design and Comédie does not hide his enthusiasm by taking control of this beautiful establishment formerly occupied by Perroquet Café (and even before that by Le Sympa).

“Show that you can do without meat at every meal”

Under the sign newly painted in “old school” style by the association Au pied de la lettres, Benjamin Gagnaire intends to combine “a modern vision of catering with a traditional setting”. With Marion Sabatier, his partner, he offers a kitchen “placed under the sign of sharing, meetings and conviviality in the spirit of the Saint-Etienne bistros, where everyone rubbed shoulders”.

The menus, renewed every day, focus on “100% vegetarian with meat as a suggestion”. “Vegetarians can be good, varied and nutritious by respecting seasonal products. Showing that we can do without eating meat at every meal is our workhorse”, smiles the young chef.

He gets his supplies from local producers “located within a radius of 50 kilometers around Saint-Étienne” and works in a “reasoned, even organic approach” for vegetables, wines (côtes-du-forez or IGP Loire) and meats that excludes “baby animals, such as lamb and veal”.

Local or more distant specialties

This environmentally responsible approach inspires Benjamin Gagnaire’s entire kitchen, which combines revisited local specialties such as matefaim or warm pâté, and dishes from more distant origins such as ramen, this dish of noodles in Japanese broth that he fuses with the local soil.

In the same spirit of sharing, the restaurateur couple immediately bonded with other merchants on rue Saint-Jean. “We are very attached to the search for interaction with our environment”, confides the young chef, very happy with the start of his new restaurant, which is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00, with coffee in the morning and after dinner in the afternoon and Thursday evening after work from 18.00 to 21.00.

La Fleur au fusil can also be privatized on weekends or weekday evenings for groups of ten people or more.



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