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Saint-Paul: young people steal a trolley filled with bottles of alcohol in a supermarket, hundreds of euros lost

It is a surreal scene that took place in the Leader Price du Guillaume, in Saint Paul, on Tuesday June 14th. Two young individuals stole a trolley filled with foodstuffs but especially bottles of alcohol. The store manager talks about the facts.

The scene is unlikely. A trolley filled with alcohol and food was stolen by two young individuals in the early evening of Tuesday, June 14, in the Leader Price of the Guillaume Saint-Paul.

A shopping cart theft

Filmed by surveillance cameras, the two young thieves left the store with their trolley filled to the brim. Asked about the facts, Frédéric Dupuy, store manager, explains: “I noticed that bottles of alcohol were no longer on the shelves of the shelves and, when I checked the sales, I saw that there were none for these bottles“, he indicates.

He adds: “I went to look on the surveillance cameras and I saw these individuals take the cart filled with alcohol and leave. It was around 6:30 p.m., the store had to close and they took advantage that there weren’t many people left to do their shopping. About 12/13 bottles were stolen for nearly 600 euros. Unfortunately, I can’t have a security guard in my store because it’s too expensive for me.“, laments the manager.




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