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Sainte-Suzanne: a taxi driver tested positive for drugs and without insurance his vehicle was impounded

Wednesday 30 November 2022, from 13:00 to 17:00, BMO St-Benoît motorcyclists carried out a mobility control service focused on the search for serious offenses and causing accidents on the RN 2 from St-Benoît to Ste-Marie. To this end, 13 offenses were noted during this service, including 1 driving under the influence of drugs, 1 lack of a driver’s license, 2 failure to use seat belts, 6 tinted windows, 1 telephone, 1 failure to display mandatory passenger transport insurance and 1 taxi meter failure despite a customer on board.

Special facts:

1 – At 1:50 p.m., when a ticketed vehicle was put back into circulation, the passenger of a PEUGEOT 206 vehicle was found not to be wearing his seat belt immediately, the vehicle was intercepted. The driver then spontaneously declares that he does not hold a driving licence. In fact, he is 14 years old. His father, who accompanies him, explains that it is his son and that he cannot drive because he is ill. the investigations carried out show that the driver’s license of the father of the family and the passenger in the vehicle is administratively canceled for zero point balance after several offenses for not wearing a seat belt…. Let’s mention that two children under 10 years old were sitting in the back seats and also happened to be the passenger’s daughters . The car was immediately impounded. The minor and his father will be summoned later to be heard about the facts.

For information: the fact that the owner of a motor vehicle lends it to a third party whom he knows does not have a driver’s license constitutes an offense of aiding and abetting driving without a driver’s license by means of means (Court of Cassation ruling No. 10-81189)

2 – At 4:15 p.m., RN 2 in the town of STE SUZANNE, soldiers noticed that a Mercedes taxi vehicle did not comply with the legal standard for window transparency. Immediately its driver is intercepted and controlled. During the usual checks, the presence of a customer is noted when the taximeter is switched off. The tests carried out on the driver reveal that this person is driving under the influence of euphoric drugs. In addition, he is unable to present the specific and mandatory insurance certificate for passenger transport for remuneration as well as a license plate with ADS and city of residence. The vehicle was immediately stopped and impounded. The offender’s license was withheld for administrative suspension. The taxi customer was able to return home safely after being taken care of.




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