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Scam at the payment terminal in restaurants: stay on your guard it is terrible

This is not a petty shoplifting, but the method leaves you speechless. The payment terminal scam worries the people of Cannes, because several restaurateurs have already complained of having been the victim of this type of theft. The method is so simple that it borders on perfection. The crooks who obviously take cover by pretending to be customers come and succeed in operating their plan to hijack bank cards. How ? We tell you everything.

Just redeem the payment terminal

The main idea of ​​this masterstroke is to come to a restaurant or any other establishment that accepts payment by credit card. Take the payment terminal of the establishment and exchange it with another which must be identical to this one. The only difference is the SIM card which belongs to the scammer. So, from the next customer, any payment will go to them.

Despite the apparent ease, the scammers had to organize themselves well before putting their plan into action. A certain knowledge is also required to be able to duplicate or to obtain fully convincing pirate payment terminals so as not to sow doubt too quickly in the server. The hacker’s terminal must be exactly like the original and it must also know in advance the model used by the target.

Source: Pexel

They take advantage of a moment of inattention to carry out the operation

Speed ​​and know-how: two other required skills. To execute their plan, they must know how to conceal the fraudulent terminal so as not to attract attention. Then, they must make the exchange away from the eyes of the staff of the establishment and also those of the customers, and that, in a lapse of time.

One of the victims of this kind of scam explained the modus operandi of these scammers. This is Jean-Pierre Guillory, the manager of Morrison’s in Cannes.

“He comes with this machine in his bag. He paid by credit card. When we provide him with our credit card machine, he takes advantage of a moment of inadvertence from the bartender and he exchanges standards, ”says the manager.

Jean-Pierre Guillory then told BFMTV:

“He leaves us his machine with his SIM card and leaves with our machine. From there, all credit cards are credited to his account. »

A long-term profit

Mission accomplished ! The scammer left the establishment which now uses the altered TPE. From there, any payment will be credited to their account and restaurateurs may not notice it anytime soon. Days and weeks pass and everything still seems normal in the restaurant. No problem with credit card payments!

Source: Pexel

Meanwhile, the scammer would already be enjoying the gain from his successful move. When doing the accounts, traders will see the abnormality. The gap between the payments made and the sums present in the account of the establishment will be of an obvious large sum. Another victim comments on this.

“I was convinced that it was a technical problem, that it was a bad connection problem. I would never have imagined this kind of scam” had confided the victim to France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Indeed, this scam is easy to detect, but the problem is that customers are no longer used to reading or checking the credit card receipt obtained. Scammers know this, and that’s why they take advantage of it!

Be vigilant

Those who suffered this kind of scam filed a complaint and a person was suspected. Since the testimony of the persons concerned, the owners of businesses or restaurants are asked to be vigilant. Since their approach is now known, traders must find a way to avoid being tricked.

The authorities advise them to personalize their TPE. To do this, simply stick stickers on it. It would also be better to check for themselves if the payments are really paid into their account and not into that of a counterfeiter.

A second article to help you anticipate possible scams.



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