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Sète: “Now I am nothing”, the homeless Antonios suffered after the loss of his little dog

From Sète to Arles via Frontignan, Antonio, a homeless man of Portuguese origin, is known for selling his creations made from salvaged cans on the street. Always accompanied by his little dog Tara.

It could be a story that we don’t dwell on, about one we rarely look back on… Antonio is a homeless person, a local figure, as a passer-by, from Sète to Frontignan, going to ‘in Arles, especially knows to see him make ashtrays and incense holders based on recycled cans. “He’s a nice man, he doesn’t beg, people give him what they want for his creations. Sometimes he gives some to those he likes”, smiles Corinne, chairman of the association Sète’s guardian angels.

She adored her master, she never lost sight of him

Antonio is of Portuguese descent. Previously, he held a flea market on the Côte d’Azur before arriving in Sète. Alas, life’s misfortunes, as they say, led him to live on the streets. The only light in the middle of a not-quite-pink horizon: his ball of fur, Taratara. “It was her aunt who gave her this Chihuahua at least eight years ago. It may seem surprising to see such a dog on the street, but she was so good to him. She adored him, she never lost sight of him.. . “, assures Corinne, known as “Coco”, who had offered the little beast a basket in which she curled up: “She was as miniature as she had a strong character! Antonio took perfect care of her: she had a godmother – you often do for street animals – who paid for her veterinary care, but he even bought her mineral water so that she ‘don’t drink anything. Do you realize what that means to a homeless person?”

Tremendous pain

Except that since the beginning of the week, nothing has been the same: Tara was hit by a car in front of her master, causing Antonio enormous grief. “Now I’m Nothing”, he fell in tears to the members of the association, who found his trail after two days of research. Admit it “during the day it’s still fine, but at night she slept at my feet, I’m looking for her everywhere…”

Tara’s godmother will pay for the cremation costs. Antonio wants to scatter the ashes on the sea. “He really didn’t need that”, breathes Coco. Sometimes life really isn’t very pretty…



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