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She can’t believe her ears when a shelter calls her about her cat that was lost 2 years ago

Hello, this is the Central Arizona Humane Society. Are you the owner of a cat named Mojo? »

The surreal moment of listening to this question addressed to her on the phone, Diane Slingluff will never forget it. ” Yes. Well, I was… “, she replied hesitantly to her interlocutor, who informed her of news that she no longer dared to hope to hear.

20 months earlier, Diane SlingluffWho lives Mesa in the state of Arizona, had driven to Albuquerque in neighboring New Mexico to take care of an acquaintance. her pussy Moo accompanied him on this long road trip.

She adopted her in 2014; Moo was then wandering and had come to the door of her house in search of some food and help. They hadn’t left each other since. ” It’s a female dog disguised as a cat. Maybe that’s why I love him so much she says about Moo on ABC 15.

Diane Knipfel Adams Slingluff/Facebook

In February 2021, that is, from which the duo returnedAlbuquerque, Diane Slingluff stopped at a gas station in Payson, a hundred kilometers from his home. It was then that the cat had decided to jump out of the vehicle window to disappear into the wild.

Her owner had spent hours looking for her in and around the gas station. She had even taken a hotel room to resume her research the next day. After that, she had regularly returned to the site to try to find Moobut his efforts were in vain.

“We have it”

Diane Slingluff so his hope dwindled with time. Until that famous phone call on October 14, 2022.” Well we have it the voice told him at that moment.

Moo had just been brought to the haven Central Arizona Humane Society by a lady who had found it near the same gas station in Payson where she was last seen. She was afraid of seeing her end up on Highway 87, which would undoubtedly have been fatal for her, and had managed to get her to safety before entrusting her to the volunteers.

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At the shelter, they passed the cat to the identification chip reader. It is thanks to this that they got the coordinates and Diane Slingluff. Smiles, hugs and tears of joy were there during the reunion.

Before the disappearance of Moo, his human often took him camping and hiking. For now, she’s keeping her home just in case, but who knows… Maybe they’ll hit the road together one day, like in the good old days.




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