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she runs to the shelter to take her home

The story of the dog Missy is heartbreaking. Her masters decided to abandon her in a shelter to replace her with a younger doggie. Fortunately, her neighbor with whom she had created a strong bond through the fence came to reach out to her as soon as she understood what had happened.

A user of the Reddit platform shared her dismay at the attitude of her neighbors. She explained that for some time she no longer saw as before Missytheir dog, run in the garden and come say hello.

But, she quickly spotted a 2-month-old puppy taking her place. Naturally, she wondered if anything had happened to Missy, But it was not. She realized that in reality she had been abandoned at a nearby shelter before being replaced, reports the Mirror.

“She was in the kennel for a full month before I figured out what happened. Missy would always run to the fence for a few hugs when she saw me, so we’ve always had a great relationship.”she testified.

The Good Samaritan therefore went to the association and filled out an adoption form with the aim of leaving Missy away and give him a second chance.

Pictures that speak volumes

Fortunately, the young woman’s request was accepted. It was obvious that Missy and his benefactress made a magnificent duo.

The adopter took a picture of the dog in her box, then in her brand new home. You can clearly see how happy Missy is. The experience was indeed traumatic.

“Here is Missy at the shelter and then when she realized she would never go back. I can tell she’s been depressed and stressed, but she seems relieved to be here.”published the young woman on Reddit.

Missy has adapted very well. She now makes the happiness of her neighbor who has become her loving mistress and enjoys life to the full.

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Many Internet users have been touched by this story. You can read in the comments: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” or “thank you for your big heart. You gave him a better life. She seems to understand that this is where she is meant to be”.




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