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Shiba Inu Dog Goes Viral For Constantly Ruining Group Photos With Siblings

Taking pictures of our dogs or other pets is not such an easy task and Yoko Kikuchi from Hong Kong, China knows that. She has a lot of fun with her 4 Shiba Inu dogs, especially one of them who has become famous for constantly ruining group photos.

When Kikko, Sasha, and Momo pose for the photo shoot, her sister Hina seems to have other plans and almost always appears with her mouth open or gesticulating. She often ruins shots in the most adorable way, while her siblings do their best to look their best.

© IG/ yokokikuchi_ks

Her mother says that Hina is the most obedient, she can even walk without a leash and go beside her without any problem, but she has a weakness for chewing on shoes, shoelaces and anything that catches her eye. Her family even nicknamed her “Destroyer”, according to the Daily Mail.

Shiba Inu dog goes viral for spoiling group photos

Hina tends to yawn a lot and it showed in some of Yoko’s group photos. She is the youngest of the group; she joined the family two years ago and his energy is incredible.

Pet photographer Mark Rogers says helping them get used to the camera is a huge help for our pets when starting a photo shoot with them.

© IG/ yokokikuchi_ks

Mark told Dog Time:

“Let them get used to the camera, let them feel it, then start shooting things, not the dog, so they get used to the sound and the flash. Start taking pictures of the dog when he gets used to it. »

According to Bored Panda, one of the best techniques explained by Mark is to try to keep everything as natural as possible. A mistake could be to take dog treats and use high tones to get their attention; what you could do is take a lot of shots, it increases the chances of capturing an amazing scene.

Paying attention to the background will also help highlight the silhouette of the animal. Beaches, forests with green trees will definitely make your dog stand out. You can ask for help and use items such as your dog’s favorite toy; all depending on the personality of the animal.

shiba inus
© IG/ yokokikuchi_ks

Mark adds:

“Some dogs get excited very quickly when their toys are around, which can have the opposite effect to what they intended. »

Mark’s tips can help us a little to make sure our next pet photos look great. Even if your pet has a personality like Hina, at least you know you’ll still get funny pictures.

If you want to have fun with the adorable and funny group photos of Hina and her siblings, you can follow them on their mistress’s Instagram account.

© IG/ yokokikuchi_ks



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