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Short courses in insurance subjects

The insurance sector offers many opportunities and attracts more and more people. Whether you are an expert who wants to deepen your knowledge, a student looking for a course or a person in professional retraining, you can easily find training in insurance subjects at a school like ESA Assurances. But which type of course should you choose?

Studying to become an insurance broker

To become an insurance broker, you must take courses that allow you to receive a DUT Carrières Juridiques or a BTS Assurance. For those who have a Bac+3, a professional license in insurance, banking and finance is necessary. For clarification, there are no specific courses dedicated to this profession. Nevertheless, it is enough to have at least a bac+2 in connection with this field.

A self-employed professional, the role of the insurance broker or insurance agent is to seek out and negotiate a contract with a client. To master this job, you will learn to analyze offers, make arrangements, offer the best insurance or know the market.

Which course does one need to develop as an insurance adjuster?

Generally intervenes in the event of an injury, the insured is responsible not only for estimating the damage suffered, but also for determining the causes of this damage. In principle, he must have a bac+5 to occupy this position. Of course, the curriculum depends on the chosen area of ​​expertise in medicine, engineering, automobiles, architecture, etc.

Thanks to the ESA Assurances school, for example, you will be able to follow a course focused on estimating damages and compensation received when an insurance contract is in compliance with the rules. With a Bac+5 in insurance, it is possible to develop as a risk and insurance manager. As for the programs to be implemented, they are bancassurance, asset management, tax law, the financial market, credit types or even distribution in the insurance sector.

Basic training to work as an insurance adviser

To become an insurance advisor, it is important to have a BTS insurance, a BTS management of business units, BTS negotiation and customer relations or a DUT in legal career. If you plan to specialize in this profession, it is preferable to train at a business school or a higher insurance school.

The skills required to succeed in this profession are knowledge of contracts, customer relations, listening skills and organization. When the course is completed, you will be able to give advice, conduct research and convince with good arguments.

If you plan to continue your studies in insurance or retrain in this sector, it is necessary to follow a specialized education. Since there are several types of courses, it is best to choose one according to your dream job, insurance advisor, insurance broker or even insurance expert.



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