Since the creation of their shelter, a mother and her daughter have already saved 1700 dogs!

A mother and daughter have shared an impressive photo montage showing the nearly 1,700 dogs they have rescued since opening their shelter

Sharon and Nadine Weir are mother and daughter. Both passionate about pets, and concerned about their fate, they created their shelter in 2014. Since then, more than 1700 dogs have seen their lives changed.

The mother-daughter duo have been devoted to animals for 8 years already

Sharon and Nadine started helping animals in 2014 and formalized their activity the following year. “We first opened our home to animals in 2014 and have been a registered charity since December 2015“, said Sharonin words reported by Mirror. The shelter is called Paws and People and is located at Banbridgein North Ireland.

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted and abused animals, to give animals a second chance at life.“, has explained Sharon.

Proud of their accomplishment, Sharon and Nadine shared an impressive photo

The number of abandoned animals is such that the shelters are full. 8 years after the creation of their charity, Sharon and Nadine helped over 1,700 dogs find new homes and loving families.

Proud of their accomplishment, the duo shared a huge photo montage on social networks. There are portraits of the 1700 canines concerned, placed one after the other. This impressive image helps to realize the magnitude of the mission carried out.

Illustration of the article: Since the creation of their shelter, a mother and her daughter have already saved 1700 dogs!

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The work of Sharon and Nadine is essential for our 4-legged friends, and the owners of animals from their shelter wanted to thank them. Many people have left a nice little comment under the photo montage, like this: “We would never have had our beautiful fur babies without the work you both do. Thank you girls.“A well-deserved recognition!

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