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Six neversois crew ready to start the E-Rallye Monte Carlo competition

On Monday, October 24, on the esplanade of the Ducal Palace, for a good part of the day, the Neveroises and Neversois could get to know the six crews and the support team that will line up at the start of the E-Rally, Wednesday, October 26 in Valence in the Drôme.

in the program? Four days of stages to be completed, timed and at a speed not to be exceeded, which will take them over the kilometers to the finish on Saturday 29 October at the evening start in Monaco.

At the wheel, crew from the NASA association (Nevers motorsport, led by Sébastien Rancier), who take up the challenge of this electric adventure after the Municipal Police Association led by René Shenk. “We hope to score well and get Nevers noticed. We will try to get a good result as a team,” said Éric Goyard, a member of one of the crews (Treasurer of NASA).

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The organization was not easy. “It was complicated with the components that came from China and the war in Ukraine”. The E-Rallye adventure actually started a year ago, “with the constitution of the association”, specified Éric Gaillard, in the assistance team.

Fifteen offers during the four days of events

On Tuesday 25 October the crews will therefore join Valence “for calibration of all vehicles”. Wednesday 26 October at 06.00 these final preparations will be completed with signage and vehicle checks before leaving for the 1st stage, on the Champ de Mars esplanade in Valence at 2 p.m.

During the four-day stages, the drivers and co-drivers will cover 1,290 kilometers and pass the famous specials: fifteen in total over the four test days. “We have to drive between 20 and 40 kilometers on average and complete a special between 45 minutes and 1.15 hours with a mandatory itinerary. We are subject to speed limits,” explained Éric Goyard.

One of the biggest difficulties in this kind of electric rally is managing to control your driving at all times. “In one day we can cover 500 kilometers, we might load the car several times instead of a heavy load”, said Éric Goyard, who is attacking his second participation with the same team-mate, Goeffrey Vauzelle.

At his side, on the esplanade of the Ducal Palace, Denis Thuriot, mayor of Nevers, several times competitor on the E-Rally, testified to his special conditions to keep to ensure good driving, “we must always be at the same speed” , (the city provides logistical support for the organization).

It’s all about regularity with the added difficulty of driving on roads that remain open to traffic. “For example, you must be 45 km/h and have your foot very lightly on the pedal”.

“It is a race that requires a lot of dexterity. You must be very calm. To reflect on the stress points, which is the charm of this race”

Rebecca Rebour (Competitor)

In these crews, new pilots and co-pilots will drive their first kilometers. Others are already more experienced in the E-Rally or other car competitions dedicated to clean energy. This is, for example, the case with Nicolas Pery, 5th E-Rally this year.

“It’s a great journey. The most important thing is to have fun”. Rebecca Rebour is ready for her second participation (after riding with Denis Thuriot last year). “It’s a race that requires a lot of dexterity. You have to be very calm. Reflect on the stress points which are the charm of this race”.

The competitors have skimmed the course well and seen a few black spots. But in such a race, the unknown always remains. “It really is a very big job of anticipation. The courses have been out for two months. We cross Mont Ventoux. We load again on the way down”.

Judgment? Saturday 29 October in the evening to arrive at the Terrasses du Soleil in Monaco.

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