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Six tips to keep your pet bored while you’re away

Does your cat meticulously destroy your couch and/or howl at your dog as soon as you leave your home? Rest assured, there are a few tricks to getting your pet to wait for your return without causing disaster! Presenter of La Touche Animale at Brut, Yoann Latouche offers to introduce you to some of them…

It is not forbidden to play with food

Common sense naturally guides his advice: “Get them used to having moments of calm at home from an early age, suggests Yoann Latouche. Don’t systematically take them shopping or seeing friends, they learn to be a little alone”. Another tip: leave your animals food, but also toys. “There are even food delivery toys”, emphasizes the specialist.

Yoann Latouche also advises that you think carefully before adopting another animal: “When you own a cat or a dog, you often think that they will be less bored if there are two of them. But it is a “false good idea” because the animal, on the contrary, suffers from an extra presence. This is more often the case in cats than in dogs.

Discover more tips in this video from our partner Brut.



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