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Solacy Avocats, the new litigation and arbitration firm

Solacy Lawyers, it is the illustration of this new generation of lawyers, as ambitious as they are influential, who are leaving first-tier firms to found their own structure. All three have a career marked by excellence, both in their training and in their professional experience. After practicing together for ten years in the international firm Clifford Luckdriven by the same values ​​and the desire to create a close-knit team, these three founders thus opened their own innovative and committed boutique, specializing in civil and commercial litigation as well as in arbitration.

Their will ? To offer their clients, thanks to the complementarity of their backgrounds, a very high level of legal expertise coupled with a resolutely pragmatic approach, as close as possible to their clients’ expectations. A young firm that performs well in cases involving foreign issues, thanks to strong expertise in private international law.

Established in Paris, relying on dual skills in international business firms and in the legal departments of leading companies, Solacy Avocats moves away from traditional law firms by its ability to anticipate a creative, tailor-made and directly operational procedural strategy.

Benefiting from a solid expertise in litigation and arbitration, this dynamic, innovative and agile structure offers a legal service with high added value. Its lawyers assist before state courts a wide range of clients (managers, SMEs and ETIs, sports agents, start-ups, electronic money institutions), in the most complex sectors with high financial stakes (banking, sport, distribution, media).

Gathered around common values, tenacious, innovative and demanding, these three partners attach the greatest importance to listening to their customers’ needs. They make a point of being always available and fully committed to each of their files.

All our files will be the subject of a tailor-made treatment after a joint brainstorming session to define, according to the challenges, the client, the sector, the business, the best strategy for the file” declares Léa Marion.

The idea is to be reactive and involved for all our customers. That’s the key word because that’s what customers are looking for” continues Arnaud Constans.

The creation of an innovative firm which is only a first step, since its founders aim to crystallize around them a team of loyal collaborators, by getting involved in their training.

We really want to involve our employees in this entrepreneurial project and allow them to develop a wide range of skills by making them aware of the many facets of the legal profession,” says Laura Terdjman.

About Arnaud Constans

Arnaud Constans has been a lawyer at the Paris Bar since 2013. After having worked for more than 7 years at Clifford Chance, Arnaud founded his own structure in 2019. Benefiting from a perfect mastery of commercial litigation and international arbitration, Arnaud Constans works with companies of all sizes in disputes between them and business partners or competitors.

With his multidisciplinary expertise acquired in various sectors such as sports law, new technologies or banking law, he assists, with reactivity and agility, his clients before the courts as well as in the issues of enforcement, whether preventive measures or in the execution of decisions.

About Laura Terdjman

Laura Terdjman was sworn in in 2011 before joining the Litigation and Arbitration team at Clifford Chance where she was appointed counsel in 2020. Benefiting from a perfect command of contractual and tort liability, corporate law, commercial law or practices restrictive of competition, distribution law or banking and financial law, Laura Terdjman advises and represents companies and their managers both at the pre-litigation and litigation stage before civil and commercial courts, as well as in the context of arbitrations. She also assists her clients in the drafting/negotiation of their strategic contracts.

A teacher in the Master II International Business Law (Paris II), this lawyer also participated, as a member of the Commission of the Club of Jurists, in the drafting of the report “Judicial control of the price: what tools for the judge ? (October 2021).

About Lea Marion

Member of the Paris Bar since 2014, Léa Marion has spent her entire career at Clifford Chance, which she joined in 2012.

Committed, with a solid experience in commercial law, distribution law and international business law, expert in the enforcement of foreign decisions, arbitral awards in France and enforcement procedures, Léa Marion supports companies and their managers in the development of their activities in France or abroad, by assisting them in the drafting and negotiation of their strategic contracts as well as the management of their litigation risks. Member of the Climate Justice Commission of Paris Place de Droit, teacher for more than 8 years in the DU/LLM International Business Litigation (UPEC), Léa Marion is also the author of numerous publications in legal journals.



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