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South Korea: 10,000 identification and voter registration kits ready to be sent to DRC

South Korea: 10,000 identification and voter registration kits ready to be sent to DRC

The President of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Denis Kadima Kazadi, visited on Thursday 10 November 2022 the warehouse of Miru Systems, located at the airport in the South Korean capital, where 10,000 completed kits are stored to be sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC).

At the end of this visit, President Denis Kadima Kazadi did not hide his satisfaction: “I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with the work done. Moreover, the task was not obvious, the time was very limited. We know , that it was in July that Miru Systems won the international tender market and demonstrated that they had the necessary technology and know-how to produce these kits and associated equipment. They promised to do it on time and we see that out of the expected 29,700 sets, they have already produced 10,000, a sufficient quantity for us to cover the first operational area, which includes the provinces of Tshuapa, North and South – Ubangi, Equateur , Ma├»-Ndombe, Kwango, Kwilu, Kongo-Central and the city of Kinshasa .
A reason for satisfaction because it is a close collaboration between CENI and the company Miru Systems, whose staff work fantastically. “, confided the president of CENI.

Denis Kadima Kazadi listed some of the innovations contained in this new voter registration device, which include miniaturization of the kit (14 kg in total), the use of solar energy, digitization of the identification form and voter registration, the introduction of OCR system. In addition to capturing fingerprints, CENI will also capture irises at eye level.

In addition, the chairman of CENI assured that his institution is now in the process of launching the identification and registration of voters in December 2022.

“Today more than yesterday we can be sure to keep our commitment. So with each passing day we are moving forward and it is going very well. To say that we are sufficiently ready would not be correct. But we are indeed on the way to becoming so, for the bulk of the work has been done, although what remains is not inconsiderable. There is, however, an optimism that is showing, and everyone is convinced that the promise, we gave to the nation will actually be redeemed. And long before that, we will have voter registration starting in December,” he said.

But before going to the warehouse, the president of CENI visited the CENI team being trained in the workshops of Miru Systems. He was able to see the quality of the training offered and discuss with the participants who are agents and managers of CENI.




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