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Sriracha sauce will disappear due to global warming

The bad news is likely to leave a bitter taste for fans of the famous American sauce.

The famous red bottle with the green cap will soon disappear from supermarket shelves. In a recent press release reported by the Los Angeles Timesthe company Huy Fong Foods, which makes the iconic hot sauce, made the bad news official: Sriracha sauce will soon disappear from the shelvesfor an indefinite period.

Global warming sets the pepper market on fire

Due to the climatic conditions and the extreme weather that has occurred in recent months in Mexico, the pepper harvest was poor. “It’s a matter of culture, something we can’t predict“, said Donna Lam, director of operations of the company at Los Angeles Times. After a complicated 202o year during which the manufacturer had already warned its distributors, this year will be “much worse“. Sriracha sauce will experience a unprecedented global shortagewhich will last at least until September.

Fans of the famous condiment will have to spend the summer without hot sauce. No delivery can be made before the start of the school year.. It must be said that usually these are 50 tons of peppers which are grown annually on behalf of the California company, for harvest in the fall and spring. “Without this essential ingredient, we cannot produce any of our products.“, warns Huy Fong Foods. Both on the side of restaurateurs and individuals, we will have to prepare for a few months with a bitter taste.

Other foodstuffs are concerned

Poor harvests linked to climate change do not only affect peppers. All over the world, temperatures and rainfall are affecting harvests and leading to a surge in raw materials. Particularly affected, wheat has seen its price soar in recent months, passing on its price to that of pasta. Apart from the food sector, publishing also has to deal with a shortage of paper. Most publishers have been forced in recent weeks to increase their prices to stem the impact of this crisis, which does not seem ready to be resolved.



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