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Strasbourg: Renaud Bettcher, famous criminal lawyer, died

Maître Bettcher, a Strasbourg lawyer, died suddenly on Wednesday June 1. (© Video screenshot Rue89 Strasbourg)

One of the most famous Strasbourg criminal lawyers passed away today, Wednesday June 1st. Master Renaud Bettcher should have turned 60 in September. He had been struggling for several years against disease.

From Colmar according to our colleagues from DNAhe had sworn in 1987. He was best known for defending Pierre Bodeinthe infamous Alsatian serial killer which raged in the late 2000s.

A penalist who was fearless

“He was known for say aloud what he was thinking and that others dared not say“, testifies Me Bruno Huck, spokesperson for the lawyers of the Bar of Strasbourg who takes the opportunity to slip a little anecdote.

“One day, he was defending a woman accused of having killed her husband by throwing a hair dryer into the bathtub while he was taking his bath, she had also experimented beforehand on… a goldfish. He managed to get his acquittalit had surprised all our colleagues, ”adds the spokesperson.

Renaud Bettcher was the father of two children.

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