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Students come together to help Sylvester, a cat who visited them on campus before he fell ill

Within the University ofEast Anglialocated at Norwich in Englandstudents have the chance to share their day with a named cat Sylvester. The red tabby came daily to spread good cheer around him until he became seriously ill. The students then in turn decided to support him.

Sylvester is not a stray cat and shares its life with its owner Emily Brown. However, the university was his second home as he spent many hours there: “ Sylvester likes to visit the university often and has a habit of flirting with students » indicated his mistress.

Emily Brown/GoFundMe

Sad news

Students and staff knew the fur ball and its habits. So when she stopped coming to campus, everyone found it strange and asked her teacher for news. She then announced that he had become seriously ill. He suffers from a heart problem and fluid accumulation around his organs, he said Eastern Daily Press.

The cat’s owner added that he would ” really bad “and that he was subjected to a series of tests by vets in the hope of being able to recover. This news saddened many students, who over time became very attached to the fur ball.

Illustration of the article: Students mobilize to help Sylvester, a cat who visited them on campus before he fell ill

Emily Brown/GoFundMe

A kind gesture

A woman named Amy Marshall decided to open an online fundraiser to help the animal. The funds collected must help finance the cat’s veterinary expenses and treatments. The cat community didn’t hesitate to take out its wallet to help Sylvester. Almost 4,500 euros have been collected to date.

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Emily shared news about the quadruped, saying that he was still very ill, but that his condition seemed to be slowly improving. She was deeply moved by the kindness of the participants: “ I wanted to say how incredibly grateful and amazed we are at people’s kindness. Sylvester has a ways to go and is not completely out of the woods yet, but we are positive and hopeful today » she wrote on the platform GoFundMe.



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