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“Tell us where the body is”: the lawyer for the victim’s parents begs Marlène Dietrich a few hours before the verdict of the assizes in Nice

“Seven years ago an old couple walked into my office, telling me the story of their missing son. Exhausted, stressed people. At first they thought he was alive, kidnapped. Then they moved on. 2016, 2017, 2018…with every day, every hour, the pain of not knowing where your son died.”

Me Bedel de Buzareingues carries the word of the parents of Thibault Fenu. He has a plea addressed to the accused: “Tell us where Thibault’s body is.”

The chairman is not tender with the accused during the pleadings of the civil parties: “Your lies are spitting on this family.” For him, the murder weapon in the hands of this woman, “it’s that poor Semaan Mansour”.

“Ms. Dietrich used this young man as a human bomb”

Me Girard-Gidel, shares the same reading of the file: “Ms. Dietrich used this young man as a human bomb. She is the one who presses the detonator.” Lawyer for Lorenzo, 14, the son of the disappeared, the Cannes resident insists on the difficulties of Luce, the mother, to report on the trial to her child. “He was 7 years old at the time of his father’s sudden disappearance. He is in demand, he wants to know, he has grown up, he is waiting for answers. She, protective, does not tell him while having the impression of lying for protect him.”

Me Emilie Lopez, lawyer for Lydia, the sister of Thibault Fenu, is also convinced of the guilt of Marlène Dietrich: “She planted a seed in Thibault and fed him with her lies, and instilled in him a real obsession.”

Seven years that the family has been waiting for this trial, with the hope of knowing where Thibault lies…




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