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tense dialogue between the United States and China

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At the Singapore Security Summit, the US Minister of Defense denounced this Saturday, June 11, China’s “destabilizing” military activity near Taiwan. A response to his Chinese counterpart who yesterday said that China was ready to fight for Taiwan. Tense dialogue, while Beijing wanted to lay low at Shangri-La.

The speech of the Chinese Minister of Defense is expected for tomorrow Sunday at Shangri-La. General Wei Fenghe must express Beijing’s vision for security in Asia, reports our correspondent in Beijing, Stephane Lagarde. As pointed out by South China Morning Postthe delegation headed by Wei Fenghe has more than 50 representatives, including senior officials, former diplomats and active senior officers, but the latter do not participate in plenary sessions and will not take the floor as in previous years to avoid to come under fire from critics.

But his spokesman Wu Qian, recalled that Beijing would not hesitate to launch a war if Taiwan declared its independence, citing exchanges yesterday between the two Chinese and American defense ministers.

Minister Wei stressed that if anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will fight at all costs to resolutely crush any attempt to secession from Taiwan and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Taiwan is a sacred and inalienable part of the territory of China. The one-China principle is the political foundation of China-US relations. Using Taiwan to contain China is doomed to failure. Minister Wei pointed out that the new announcement of arms sales to Taiwan made by the United States the other day seriously violates the one-China principle and the three China-United States joint communiqués, seriously undermines China’s sovereignty and security interests. China firmly opposes it and strongly condemns it. The United States should take practical steps to do more things that are beneficial to the stability of the South China Sea, instead of creating conflicts, provoking disputes and playing confrontation.

Listen to Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qai: “Taiwan is a sacred and inalienable part of China’s territory”

The Chinese declaration immediately made Washington react, which in turn denounced this Saturday Beijing’s “destabilizing” activity with Taiwan, in reference to the many Chinese fighter raids in the airspace of the island. The United States and China have reiterated on several occasions that they are ready to go as far as military confrontation in the Strait of Formosa.

Maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is not just an interest of the United States. It is a matter of international concern. Let me be clear, hammered Lloyd Austin, we do not seek confrontation or conflict. And we are not looking for a new cold war, an Asian NATO or a region divided into hostile blocs. We will defend our interests without flinching. We will also continue to support our friends who are asserting their rights. And this is all the more important as China adopts a more coercive and aggressive approach in its territorial claims. Indo-Pacific countries must not suffer political intimidation, economic coercion or harassment from maritime militias. The Ministry of Defense will therefore maintain our active presence in the Indo-Pacific region. »

Beyond words and hammered red lines, the game of go between Americans and Chinese in Indo-Pacific continues on the ground. Repeated aerial and naval maneuvers, base of the people’s army under construction in Cambodia according to the washington postand the release of a third Chinese aircraft carrier announced soon by state media.




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