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The 13 student lawyers from Lille sanctioned for fraud win their case against their school on appeal

Thirteen student lawyers sanctioned for fraud in the exam by the IXAD, school of Lille, have just won their case with the Court of Appeal of Douai in the North. This cancels the sanction of the IXAD because it considers that the observation of the fraud was carried out in an irregular manner. A new jury deliberation must take place in order to take into account the results of the thirteen students.

The observation of the fraud by the IXAD deemed “irregular”

Last October, these thirteen students had been sanctioned by their school for having returned similar copies during the exam to obtain the certification of lawyer, an exam which was held at a distance due to the health context. They had not denied having communicated but had carried two appeals against the sanctions they considered too heavy : reprimands, even an exclusion of several months, as well as an adjournment of several months imposed by the certification jury, which prevented them from becoming a lawyer.

This Thursday, March 10, the Douai Court of Appeal therefore cancels the sanction of the IXAD. The certification jury will have to meet again taking into account their results. The court rules that the observation of the fraud had been made in an irregular manner, with regard to the GDPR, the general online data protection regulation. The school had relied on the IP addresses of the computers used by the students to send their exam: they were identical since they were connected to the same wifi network.

They were 108 students to take the exam. 15 of them were suspected of having cheated and 13 punished. They are the ones who filed the appeal, claiming that “90% of students have cheated like them“, which the school disputed.



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