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The 5 personality types that cats can have, do you recognize yours?

The 5 personality types that cats can have, do you recognize yours?

A study conducted by British researchers on behalf of the cat litter company Natusan revealed that there are five personality types in cats.

Extroverted, authoritarian, nervous, spontaneous and agreeable are the five models identified by experts after questioning 3,700 cat owners.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the survey found that one in four respondents said their pet had a personality. “nice”because he was calm and sociable.

On the other hand, 22% said their cat was bossy and somewhat scary.

Peter Neville, animal behaviorist, explained that it is “substantial” to understand your animal’s personality traits in order to understand it and “maintain its health”.

The 5 personality types of a cat

Here are the 5 cat personality types and their characteristics.

1. Outgoing

They are cats that, when they see you enter the house, will greet you and meow. They can also be very vocal when they are hungry or want you to attend to their needs. Extrovert cats are typically very vocal and communicative and often get in trouble for being more curious than usual.

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Also, they are usually attention seekers and if you don’t give it to them, they can exhibit destructive behavior.

How do you live better with an outgoing cat? Make sure they have lots of toys of different types and textures. You should also play with him a lot, in small sessions, because they get bored easily.

2. Nervous

Nervous cats tend to be more fearfulespecially when they first meet you, but over time they can become more trusting and loving.

Those who have nervous cats should give them “safe rooms” where they can be alone when they have to, like tunnels or boxes. Ledges and trees are also useful as they can observe the world from a distance, away from children or other animals that might disturb them.

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Don’t harass these cats with hugs, but expect them to initiate the interaction or they will become stressed or anxious. Never disturb them when they are sleeping or resting, especially if they are in their place “safe”.

3. Bosses

This type of cat has an assertive personality, competitive and controlling, especially when living with other cats. It is immediately clear that he is the leader of the pack. They have a strong presence and can be intimidating to get what they want.

If you must bring other pets into your home, introduce them to each other gradually. Keep them in separate rooms at first and let them see each other for short periods of the day until they develop some trust.

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Experts say spaying or neutering an overbearing cat can reduce competitive behavior.

4. Spontaneous

Spontaneous cats are impulsive and energetic, as if they had always been young. The downside is that they sometimes release their energy all at once, which can end in disaster. Or they go wild at night.

So make sure he has plenty of toys and interactive activities during the day so he gets tired in the evening. Even if your cat is indoors (he doesn’t come out)is it advisable to get him used to walking around with a harness so he can release his energy.

5. Pleasant

They are relaxed, sociable and calm cats.. Experts point out that these cats are usually the result of good socialization from an early age.

Pleasant cats also get along well with their fellow cats and have a protective attitude towards them. Their behavior can also serve as a model for a new cat to join the family.



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