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The 5 things that cats fear the most

The 5 things that cats fear the most

Although most cats consider themselves the kings of the house, they have a few hair-raising enemies. Want to know what it’s all about? What are cats afraid of? So don’t miss this article on the 5 things cats are most afraid of. ! Come in !

1. Water

Water is one of the things cats hate the most. Even if only a few drops land on their bodies, they are likely to run away from the “dangerous” place at full speed. It is true that some felines have no problem getting wet and even like baths, but this is not the most common case.

Among the theories to explain this aversion to water, the most common is that many cat breeds originate from desert areas in the Middle East and China, where they have had little contact with water over the centuries.

2. Strong smells

Did you think so dogs were the only animals with a sensitive sense of smell ? You are wrong. While it is true that cats’ sense of smell is not as sensitive as that of their canine companions, this does not mean that their noses do not pick up the wide variety and intensity of odors around them.

For this reason, felines are repelled by strong odors, such as vinegar, onions, gasoline, alcoholic beverages, etc.

3. Forced imprisonment

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Cats are very independent animals, so they like to keep their place and be free. This is why cats hate feeling trapped in your arms when they don’t want to receive affection, or being forced to do things they don’t want to do to the point that they’re really afraid of them. It is definitely one of the things they fear the mostbut above all, that they hate most in men.

4. Unknown persons

If you’re still wondering what scares cats, one of the things they fear the most is strangers entering their territory. Not all cats are afraid of strangers coming to your housebut most run for cover when they discover that someone from outside the family has arrived.

Apparently that’s because cats don’t handle unfamiliar situations well, and a stranger with lots of smells and sounds he’s never heard before fits that category perfectly for him.

5. Loud noises

Cats have highly developed senses and perceive the world differently than humans. One of the things that distinguish them is their keen sense of hearing.

Screaming, Christmas fireworks, loud music, whistles, thunder, honking and more frighten cats and can even cause stress and anxiety.


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