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the American aircraft carrier “USS Truman” in stopover in Marseille

The American building put the ink in the city of Marseille on Saturday. Present to celebrate the military alliance between the United States and France, the American soldiers will also visit Provence before returning to sea on Wednesday.

It hardly goes unnoticed in the port of Marseille. The American nuclear aircraft carrier “USS Truman”, a 300 m steel wall, landed in Marseille on Saturday to celebrate the military alliance between the United States and France.

“The professionalism and expertise that we have seen in the air and at sea from the French has been impressive,” said Captain Gavin Duff, Commanding Officer of the USS Harry S. Truman, in his speech. You can be proud men and women who represent you in the French army.”

65 planes, 5,000 sailors

The aircraft carrier is sailing in the waters of the Mediterranean as part of an international exercise. The soldiers will take advantage of this four-day stopover in Provencal lands to discover the region.

“It’s very good for them, explains at the microphone of BFM Marseille Provence, Kristen Grauer, consul general at the consulate general of the United States of America in Marseille. They can better understand France and when they work with French people during exercises, they get along better. For me, it’s really a moment of joy.”

The “USS Truman” is one of the eleven giant aircraft carriers of the US Navy, known for its armament and its power. The military building can accommodate up to 65 aircraft and 5,000 sailors. He will go back to sea on Wednesday for an indefinite period.

Diana Melhem and Charlotte Lesage



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